Virtual Instructor-Led Training (Virtual Pro Program)

As the program developer for the Virtual Pro Program, I helped residential real estate agents achieve their designation education goals. The Virtual Pro Program was a 3-part project initiative consisting of VILT courses, and mentorship and sponsorship opportunities for learners and vendors.  As a result of the Virtual Pro Program, learners were able to

  • Obtain the top-of-the-line industry designation (CRS)
  • Build their business and knowledge base through educational offerings (and)
  • Interact with CRS mentors and become more engaged association members

Click the links below to access content and/or documents I developed to support this program.

Virtual Pro Program Content Items

This is a demonstration video I created using Skype for Business.  This demonstration video was created to acclimate new Virtual Pro learners to their first group activity in the First Time Home Buyer Specialist course that was carried out in the VILT platform.  I created all of the Virtual Pro courses (6 total) and learning activities associated with the courses.

FTHB Profile Activity Demo Video

This is the document that I created to secure vendor sponsorship for our Virtual Pro courses.

Sponsorship Sales Sheet

This document was created as part of the analysis phase of the Virtual Pro Program.  It was used to help communicate the program to team members, stakeholders, and the Virtual Pro Task Team.

Scoping The Virtual Pro Program

This is the Virtual Pro Program mentor worksheet that was used for mentor/mentee interactions.

Mentorship Guide

This survey was created and used to gather important data about the Virtual Pro learners and successfully build the mentorship program and courses around this data.  Please DO NOT hit the submit button on this survey - thank you!

Learner and Program Survey